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Chicks do Flips is a female empowerment and female-run brand that aims to destroy the stigma behind a male-dominated field on the slopes. This brand is bred to be worn by badass chicks who love to shred dawn to dusk, throw down, and show the boys what they got! Take back the park, don't underestimate us, chicks do flips 2!!!!

Started by Maggie Bednaz, a small-town girl from New Hampshire, who was skiing as soon as she could walk.  Her skiis-on & straight downhill learning style quickly made her an intimidating addition to the parks with their mobs of dismissing boys.


In 2022, Maggie  broke her tibia and fibula at Loon Mountain in NH. Riding a couch, and to maintain her sanity, she began drawing & knitting hats for friends and family - sparked an interest in was to become the brand - Chicks do Flips. 

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